Trump kicks off the week by calling on Supreme Court to kill Obamacare
President Donald Trump listens during a phone conversation with Mexico's President Enrique Pena Nieto on trade in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, DC on August 27, 2018. (AFP / Mandel Ngan)

President Donald Trump kicked off the week by calling for the U.S. Supreme Court to review and support a lone Texas federal judge's late Friday night ruling that ObamaCare is unconstitutional.

Monday morning Trump tweeted that if the Supreme Court upholds that ruling Congress will be able to provide "GREAT HealthCare results for Americans!"

That's provably false.

Republicans have tried – and failed – over 70 times to repeal and/or replace ObamaCare.

The Affordable Care Act is a comprehensive rewrite of decades and decades of health care and public policy laws. Not only did it create the health care exchanges, it allows for the expansion of Medicare, and provides for the computerization of patient health care data. It creates nondiscrimination laws, and bans insurance companies from refusing to cover pre-existing conditions, or cover them but at higher rates.

That's just for starters.

That's not how President Trump sees it.

"The DEDUCTIBLE which comes with ObamaCare is so high that it is practically not even useable!" Trump tweeted Monday morning. "Hurts families badly. We have a chance, working with the Democrats, to deliver great HealthCare! A confirming Supreme Court Decision will lead to GREAT HealthCare results for Americans!"

Trump and the GOP have refused to do the actual work that Democrats spent several years doing: sitting down and writing actual policy that will help people. The Affordable Care Act is policy. TrumpCare, in all its numerous forms, is not.

Trump has no actual health care policy, despite promising Americans the best health care, at a lower cost, like he did just days after winning the White House, in the November 2016 "60 Minutes" interview:

"That's what I do, I do good job [sic]. You know, I mean, I know how to do this stuff. We’re going to repeal it and replace it. And we’re not going to have, like, a two-day period and we’re not going to have a two-year period where there’s nothing. It will be repealed and replaced. I mean, you’ll know. And it’ll be great health care for much less money," Trump promised.

Trump says in the interview he is going to protect people with pre-existing conditions. That's false, and has been so at every turn.

Instead, he and Republicans across the country have done everything possible to kill health care for millions and the Affordable Health Care Act.

Trump supported the lawsuit that led to Friday's decision declaring ObamaCare unconstitutional. That lawsuit was brought by Republicans in 20 states, mostly by state attorneys general, led by Texas.

Here's how people responded to Trump's call Monday to the Supreme Court to kill ObamaCare: