Trump negotiated with himself and still lost: Furious Republican explains the president’s shutdown blunder
Ryan Costello (R-PA)/MSNBC screen shot

Retiring congressman Ryan Costello (R-PA) told MSNBC on Friday that President Trump had boxed himself in on a government shutdown by negotiating against himself, managing to get the short end of the stick.

"He's stuck having to eat his own words," said a frustrated Costello. "He negotiated against himself in the White House saying that he would own the shutdown. If he had a problem with the clean CR he should have told the Senate before they took the bill up."

Costello grew visibly angrier as he described how Trump pulled the rug out of from under the Senate after they passed a clean continuing resolution.

"Now he wants to upend a Senate tradition on the filibuster that's been around for I don't know how many decades," he continued bitterly. "This is chaos. It was totally avoidable, and now we were being asked -- and I voted for it -- to vote for a $5 billion plus up for the wall and disaster relief, which is funded, in order to get a bill out of the House."

"No one really knows what the next step is at the moment," Costello added, saying that members of Congress were counting on the Senate to strip out Trump's wall funding so they could tell their base they had tried. But he was clearly doubtful anything like that could happen. "How do you put Humpty Dumpty back together again?"

Watch the video below.