Trump ripped over 'nauseating' lack of compassion for paycheck-less federal employees in Christmas Day interview
US President Donald Trump speaks to staff at the Department of Homeland Security in Washington, DC, on January 25, 2017, where he vowed to restore "control" of US frontiers by building a wall on the Mexican border (AFP Photo/Nicholas Kamm)

President Donald Trump held a press conference Christmas morning, doubling down on the continuation of the government shutdown until Democrats designate funding for his border wall.

Trump even suggested that federal workers are willingly forgoing pay because they want a wall.

On CNN Tuesday, political consultant Hilary Rosen cast doubt on the President's interpretation of the government shutdown.

"I have to say how nauseated I am by the president's behavior in that interview," Rosen said. "Not an ounce of compassion for the many, many people suffering through this holiday grudge match that he's created."

"You know, there are stories all over social media about they're calling them #ShutdownStories stories about families that can't pay the rent this month, that are in trouble."

"This country is in strife because this president has too many temper tantrums."