Trump spokesperson Mercedes Schlapp: It's 'laughable' for critics to say there is 'chaos' at the White House
Mercedes Schlapp speaks to Fox Business (screen grab)

White House spokesperson Mercedes Schlapp on Monday insisted that it was "laughable" to suggest there is chaos at the White House as government shutdown looms and President Donald Trump is reportedly struggling to find a new chief of staff and Interior secretary.

In an interview on Fox Business, host Stuart Varney pointed out that both Chief of Staff John Kelly and Interior Secretary Ryan Zink have exited the administration in recent days.

"What's your response to the use of that word, 'chaos?'" Varney asked Schlapp.

"It's laughable," Schlapp replied. "I just got out of a meeting with the president and his team and we're very focused on, right now, dealing with ensuring that we increase funding for border security. We are very focused in the upcoming year [on] dealing with a House of Representatives controlled by Democrats."

"Here at the White House, we're focused on policy results," she added. "We're focused on President Trump's victories and his commitment to help the American people."

Schlapp also said on Monday that President Trump has no plans to postpone his vacation to Mar-a-Lago this week in spite of a looming government shutdown.

Watch the video below from Fox News.