Trump is ‘unhinged’ and ‘there are no adults left’: MSNBC's Morning Joe hits panic button on White House departures
Joe Scarborough (MSNBC)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough on Wednesday hit the the panic button about all of the officials who are fleeing President Donald Trump's White House.

After listening to the Washington Post's Phil Rucker discuss how angry and alienated Trump now feels inside his own White House, Scarborough fretted that many of the people departing were some of the few people who were able to check the president's impulses.

"In the summer of 1974, leading up to President Nixon's resignation, at least he had Kissinger and some other adults still there," Scarborough said. "We read stories from Woodward and Bernstein and others about a president at least on the verge of becoming unhinged, but this president appears to be unhinged and there are no adults left! He's fired them all!"

Guest Eugene Robinson shared Scarborough's take and said the departures of officials such as outgoing Defense Secretary James Mattis and outgoing chief of staff John Kelly were both deeply troubling.

"Everyone has to be concerned about what happens now," he said. "We've seen almost two years now of Donald Trump with the guardrails in place, and as they've been removed one by one... my goodness, what happens next? It's an extraordinary moment."

Watch the video below.