Trump will go deaf and snowpocalypse will annihilate the midwest: Hilarious 2019 predictions
Donald Trump, photo by Michael Vadon.

What major events will shape the year 2019? As the new year approaches, two fascinating people have offered their predictions.

Blind Bulgarian mystic Baba Vanga -- who died in 1996 -- has predicted a tough year for President Donald Trump, the Daily Mail reported Wednesday.

"As for Donald Trump, the U.S President is predicted to have a disastrous 2019, as not only might he succumb to an unexplained illness that will cause him nausea, tinnitus, brain trauma, and hearing loss, but a member of his family will be involved in a car crash," the Daily Mail explained.

Another fascinating prediction came from "Noah" -- who claims to be a time traveler from 2030, the Mirror reported.

Noah predicted several midwest cities will be destroyed by a devastating winter storm.

"In February 2019, massive snowstorm hits the Midwest, multiple cities are wiped out by snow storms," Noah said. "It is the biggest snowstorm in history."

"In November 2020, Trump is reelected as president," Noah added. "This is not opinion, these are the facts."