Trump’s ‘clumsy and hostile’ handling of Mattis departure has troops and allies ‘nervous’: Retired general
General (retired) Barry McCaffrey/MSNBC screen shot

Retired general and MSNBC military analyst Barry McCaffrey said Wednesday that President Donald Trump's "clumsy and hostile" handling of Defense Secretary James Mattis's resignation was making U.S. troops and allies nervous.

Host Chris Jansing asked McCaffrey if there was "an ongoing nervousness" among the military due to the president's mercurial decision-making, which last week led him to abruptly dismiss General Mattis two months early.

"I think the abrupt firing, and clumsy, hostile way in which Secretary Mattis was handled with his brilliant public service letter of resignation -- the senior leadership I think doesn't know what to make of all of this," McCaffrey said. "I think they are worried. They see our allies in disarray." McCaffrey then turned to the Trump's announced troop withdrawal.

"Pulling out of Syria on short notice, where you're telling the Kurdish forces we're fighting with that we are gone puts these forces at risk," he continued. "We don't have a crisis going on, but there are some nervous folks, our allies and the national leadership and national security."

Watch the video below.