WATCH: CNN's Erin Burnett shreds Trump's desperate attempt to get his wall by calling it a 'steel slat barrier'
CNN host Erin Burnett/Screenshot

On Friday, with a shutdown of the federal government looming over a budget impasse, President Donald Trump tweeted about a "Steel Slat Barrier" along the border with Mexico in an apparent effort to win the support of Democrats who oppose funding the border wall Trump promised Mexico would pay for during the 2016 campaign.

CNN host Erin Burnett opened her show by brutally mocking trump's apparent efforts to "rebrand" the wall as a steel slat barrier to win funding.

"President Trump, moments ago, trying to get his wall by, well, calling it something else," she said. "Look at that, Trump's image picture zooming in on razor-sharp spikes, effective because they impale? Beautiful because? Well, it could be lethal. But it's not a wall—that's the crucial thing. It's a Steel Slat Barrier, Capital S, capital S, capital b. And the president obviously thinks Democrats are dumb enough, or desperate enough, to vote for a steel slat barrier when they will not vote for a wall."

Burnett then aired clips of Trump saying he would take the fall for a government shut-down and then trying to blame Democrats for it.

"It's amazing how he has no problem saying the exact opposite of something he said just days ago," she said.

Watch below.