WATCH: Knife-wielding white woman threatens black family while yelling the n-word

A racist woman this week was caught on camera threatening a black family with a knife while shouting racial slurs.

The Oregonian reports that 20-year-old Emora Roberson this week filmed an unidentified white woman screaming at her and her family because they supposedly did a poor job of parking their car next to her pickup truck.

After Roberson's boyfriend, Keysuan Goodyear, warned the woman to back off, she pulled out a knife and continued her racist tirade against the couple and Roberson's aunt, who had driven them to the local strip mall to pick up a last-minute Christmas gift.

At this point, Roberson took out her phone and started filming the woman, who can be seen holding a knife in the video.

"It's called self-defense, you stupid n*gger b*tch!" the woman screams at Roberson when she accuses her of trying to stab her boyfriend.

"Who the f*ck are you calling a n*gger?" Roberson shouts back.

"You, motherf*cker!" the woman screams.

After this, slammed Roberson's car door in her face and got back into her own truck, where she proceeded to yell more racial slurs at the family.

The McMinnville Police Department tells the Oregonian that the incident is currently being investigated.

Watch the video below.