WATCH: Stephen Colbert ridicules Trump’s border wall tantrum as dropping ‘a steaming yule log into the nog’
Imagining of a Trump Tower 'lemanade' stand -- $1 billion a glass -- by 'The Late Show' on CBS (screengrab)

Comedian Stephen Colbert on Thursday ridiculed President Donald Trump as "the simplest of tools" for bowing to demands from his far-right base and threatening a partial government shutdown if he didn't get funding for his promised border wall.

He noted the day began with Capitol Hill watchers expecting a Continuing Resolution would be signed to keep the government open until February. The administration had said there were other ways they could get the money, that Trump had promised Mexico would pay.

"That's putting a lot of pressure on Eric and Don, Jr.'s lemonade stand," he worried.

"But then, Trump started getting heat from the fourth branch of government: Fox News," he recounted

"Everybody in Washington is headed home for the holidays, when Donald Trump decides to drop a steaming yule log into the nog," he explained.

"All for the wall," he noted. "And Republicans were not amused."

Colbert then showed video of just that.