White racist spews hatred while differentiating between ‘black people’ and ‘n****rs’
A Coastal Carolina University graduate spews racial slurs and racist views in a viral video. Images via screengrab.

A white graduate from a public liberal arts school shocked his campus community when a video of him espousing racist views and repeatedly using racial slurs went viral regionally.

"I don't like n****rs," a man confirmed as a Coastal Carolina University alumnus said in a social media video that made the rounds at the South Carolina school over the weekend "and anyone who does is lying or likes big n****r dicks."

"I love black people," he said later after repeating the N-word. "I just don't like n****rs."

When asked by the person filming what the slur "consists of," the CCU grad responded: "Being ignorant, talking in the black -- the back of movie theaters, not tipping, having hair that's not yours."

"You know," he continued. "N****r sh*t."

CCU issued a statement after the video went viral confirming that the man in the video was indeed an alumnus and that his views weren't representative of the campus community.

You can watch the video and read the university's statement below: