'Wikileaks indictments are likely coming from Mueller in 2019': Former federal prosecutor
Composite image. Press conference of Donald Trump, President of United States of America, during NATO. (Shutterstock) and Julian Assange (YouTube)

Former federal prosecutor and MSNBC legal analyst Glenn Kirschner on Monday said that he expected special counsel Robert Mueller to hand down more indictments in 2019, and predicted that it would soon be Wikileaks' turn in the barrel as the Russia investigation begins to enter what host Morgan Radford called "the end game."

"I think a mid-February report, if it did drop, would not be the end game," Kirschner said. "It would probably be an incremental step toward the end game."

"But I do believe that more indictments are coming," he added. "The next one may very well be an indictment on the Wikileaks scandal, involving Jerome Corsi and Roger Stone. Perhaps even Julian Assange as a named co-conspirator in that aspect of the investigation."

Far from being finished, Kirschner seemed confident that the Russia investigation still had "so much more" to reveal. "I don't think Mueller is necessarily winding down yet," he concluded.

Watch the video below.