17 stunning photos and videos of massive snow storm hitting the United States
Puppy on the metro and snowball fight on the National Mall (Photos: Screen captures/Twitter)

Nine people have been killed from the snowstorm that hit the central United States and moved on to the east coast. The deaths include one state trooper in Illinois working the scene of a snow-related accident. Missouri endured the worst of the storm, causing massive traffic problems resulting in 800 crashes injuring 57 and killing four, the state's highway patrol reported.

In Washington, DC, a city snowball fight broke out on The Mall, where both parties came together to throw frozen water at each other.

Here are some photos and videos that are shocking, hilarious or adorable:

Well, that's one way to do it....

Doing snow correctly

Arrowhead Stadium

Here's one woman who hilariously mocks the president and his claims of "fake news" using the snowstorm as the "fake" story of the day.

West Virginia students bring out the sled:

Then there's the DC sledders:

Normally bustling community comes to a crawl:

Beautiful scene at Kansas City's Loose Park:

The Clemente Bridge in Pittsburgh

More snow piling up on Capitol Hill

Meteorologist from Mississippi sees the Missouri snow for the first time:

Beautiful shot of the St. Louis Arch:

Then there are the animals: