Airport workers 'shut down the shutdown' -- and that should scare Trump: Robert Reich
Robert Reich appears on CNN Saturday/Screenshot

While Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is getting much-deserved praise for her handling of the shutdown President Donald Trump instigated in an effort to get Americans to pay for the border wall he promised voters that Mexico would pay for in 2016.  She is not the only one who should draw praise for the abrupt end to the showdown.

Former labor secretary Robert Reich said airport workers are the ones who "shut down the shutdown" on CNN Saturday.

Specifically, when air traffic controllers called in sick en masse on Friday, Reich believes Trump had no choice but to capitulate.

"That actually shut down the shutdown—that ended the shutdown when that started, just hours after air traffic controllers, in broad numbers... called in sick," Reich said on CNN. "That broguht the shutdown to an end."

If Trump tries to shut down the government again, Reich suggested, he could expect another mass call-out that would cripple the nation's airports.

Watch below.