'Birther King' Jerome Corsi attacks former ally Roger Stone after being accused of working for Mueller's 'deep state'
Jerome Corsi

Conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi on Tuesday hit back at former ally Roger Stone after the infamous GOP dirty trickster accused Corsi of lying about him to special counsel Robert Mueller.

"I'm done tolerating Alex Jones & Roger Stone lies & defamation," Corsi wrote on Twitter. "My lawyers are right. I never held a [government] job. I'm not FBI, CIA, or Mossad. I never received 'hush money' from Infowars. I'm not testifying for Mueller. But I will take appropriate steps to protect my reputation."

On Monday, Stone accused Corsi of telling Mueller "stunning lies" about his actions during the 2016 presidential election.

In an Instagram video, Stone claimed that Corsi told at least three lies about him to Mueller: First, that Corsi had informed Stone that former Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s emails had been stolen; second, that Stone had advanced knowledge that the infamous “Access: Hollywood” video would drop and instructed Corsi to “do something” about it; and finally, that Stone had helped Corsi get a job at right-wing website InfoWars as part of a “hush-money” agreement to buy his silence.

Stone’s foreknowledge about the release of Podesta’s hacked emails by WikiLeaks has become a central piece of Mueller’s investigation into whether Trump or his associates coordinated with the Russian government to interfere in the 2016 presidential election.

In August 2016, Stone infamously wrote on Twitter that it would soon be Podesta’s time “in the barrel” — weeks before WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange revealed that he was in possession of Podesta’s emails.

Late last year, Corsi admitted that he helped Stone concoct a false story that he would subsequently use to explain how he had advanced knowledge that WikiLeaks was in possession of Clinton campaign manager John Podesta’s emails.