Britain begins stockpiling food and medicine as failed Brexit deal sends country into chaos: MSNBC
Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May has said it was 'highly likely' that Russia was behind the poisoning of a Russian double agent on English soil. (PRU/AFP/File / HO)

After Parliament rejected Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal on Tuesdsay, MSNBC's Bill Neely revealed that the government and British citizens were stockpiling food and medicine in anticipation of Britain "crashing out" of the European Union.

Host Ali Velshi noted the short-time frame that Britain has to cobble together a deal and asked, "what's the bad thing that would happen if they can't go to a hard exit to the European Union?"

"The government is actually beginning to stockpile things," Neely replied. "There have been rehearsals of what would happen at the ports in the event of no deal with huge back ups, as basically Europe refuses to take British goods and it's impossible for European goods to come in without tariff arrangements and customs arrangements."

"Medicines are being stockpiled. People are actually stockpiling food," Neely continued. "We haven't gotten to the stage of panic yet, but this is a really serious situation, one that Britain has not only not faced, but has not faced up to."

Neely portrayed the mood in Parliament as grim.

"The majority of MPs do not want to leave the European Union after a membership of 45 years in the world's biggest trading block," he said. "How we get to that point is unclear. It's a mess. It has been a mess for a very long time."

"Just like in the United States, you've got a divided country you've got two tribes who are basically yelling at each other with very little common ground in between," Neely lamented. "Britain is in a mess and that mess was accentuated tonight."

Watch the video below.