Here is how Buzzfeed's story may have triggered Trump to commit another impeachable offense
President Donald Trump, mirror composite image

Donald Trump's reaction to BuzzFeed News' explosive report on the president suborning perjury may have been more legally perilous than the initial story, investigative journalist Kurt Eichenwald explained Saturday.

On Thursday, BuzzFeed published a bombshell story that Trump had directed his longtime lawyer, Michael Cohen, to lie to Congress. Special counsel Robert Mueller subsequently issued a cryptic statement disputing the report, while BuzzFeed is standing by their reporting.

But Trump’s reaction to the report may have done more damage to his legal standing than if he had simply admitted it was all true, because he proceeded to threaten Cohen's father-in- law.

"The story lured him out and - once again - he publicly committed a more serious crime," Eichenwald argued.

"Federal law on suborning perjury has a five year sentence. Now consider the relative significance of witness intimidation under federal law: 20 year sentence," he noted.

"He is inducing witnesses to lie, he is intimidating witnesses who provide damning evidence against him," he explained. "So, it doesn't matter if Trump urged Cohen to perjure. We have seen him commit impeachable offenses - serious offenses - with our own eyes."

"Just because you witness Trump committing a crime doesn't mean you shouldn't see it for what it is," Eichenwald added.

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