‘The childish tantrum continues’: Internet torches Trump’s ridiculous attempt to punish Nancy Pelosi
US President Donald Trump. (AFP/File / Brendan Smialowski)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi clearly hit a nerve this week when she rescinded President Donald Trump’s invitation to deliver the State of the Union to Congress. On Thursday, after surprising observers by remaining silent on the issue, Trump released a letter announcing that he had canceled military arrangements for an international trip that would have taken her to Brussels, Egypt, and Afghanistan, where she would have visited military personnel.

Trump surely hoped this rebuke would impose a due penalty to Pelosi’s norm-breaking decision to essentially cancel his State of the Union speech — but he seems to have gone too far.

While the move may have pleased some of his supporters, it looked particularly petty and even reckless with regard to national security. Many observers on Twitter were quick to mock and denounce the move.