China and Russia's work to divide the west is 'coming along nicely' -- and Trump's Twitter attacks on US intel proves it
Image: Vladimir Putin speaks to 60 Minutes (screen capture)

NBC Chief Global Correspondent Bill Neely said Wednesday that President Donald Trump's morning Twitter attack on the United States intelligence community demonstrates just how successful China and Russia have been in their efforts to divide the west.

"It's not unreasonable that if China and Russia, and indeed North Korea and Iran, see the United States as their main adversary, enemy, they would work together," said Neely. "You just have to look at these tweets this morning and what happened yesterday in Congress to see actually China and Russia's work is coming along very nicely, because it's in their interests to sow division to sow doubt, discord in the west."

The president's intelligence chiefs on Tuesday flatly contradicted Trump on just about every issue in Senate testimony, from North Korea's unwillingness to give up its nuclear arsenal, to Russia's ongoing efforts to interfere in American elections, to the supposed defeat of ISIS. In response, Trump called the intelligence community "extremely passive and naive" and said they should "go back to school."

"Isn't it incredible we're now at a point that American adversaries can now use the word of the intelligence chiefs in this country against the president himself?" asked host Yasmin Vossoughian, clearly stunned.

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