CNN host drops mic on Trump advisor parroting White House talking points on shutdown debacle
Composite image of CNN anchor Victor Blackwell and former Miss Ohio Madison Gesiotto.

CNN anchor Victor Blackwell on Saturday had to correct a Trump 2020 board member making ridiculous claims about President's Donald Trump's 35-day government.

Blackwell and co-host Christi Paul interviewed Madison Gesiotto -- a former beauty pageant contestant who now serves on the Trump 2020 advisory committee -- the morning after Trump caved to Speaker Nancy Pelosi and reopened government without any funding for his border wall.

Gesiotto, whom CNN billed as a political strategist, claimed that Democrats were now eager to fund Trump's border wall, which he had infamously claim would be funded by Mexico

"One analyst said this was the most pointless shutdown in history, President Trump did not get anything out of it," Paul noted. "Moving forward, what is the president willing to do to ensure we don't get into another shutdown in three weeks?"

"I don't think that president sees this as a pointless shut down although it didn't end exactly as he wanted to, it will ultimately get to that point because the president is committed to the safety and security of the American people," Gesiotto predicted. "He will not back down on that, that's a promise he made on the campaign trail he plans to keep."

"Is President Trump willing to at least back down on that number, that $5.7 billion for a wall?" Paul asked.

"You know, I don't think this is about just President Trump and Nancy Pelosi. When we look at the Democrats, a lot of them are going against Nancy Pelosi, they're pretty frustrated with her leadership," Gesiotto argued.

"They're pretty happy with it this morning," Paul corrected.

"Yes, we're all happy the shutdown ended," Gesiotto claimed. "This isn't a Democrat or Republican issue, nobody wanted to see a shutdown, that itself the most ridiculous thing people said Republicans love shutdowns. We don't love shutdowns, we don't want to see anybody without pay. It's unfortunate that it came to this, but it ultimately did."

Co-anchor Blackwell had to correct that claim.

"Just note here, when Madison Gesiotto says nobody wants a shutdown, the president has literally said, 'this country needs a good shutdown,'" Blackwell reminded. "He's literally used those words."