CNN reporter slams GOP leader Kevin McCarthy's sexist attack on 'unbecoming' Nancy Pelosi
CNN reporter Dana Bash upbraids Rep. Kevin McCarthy over his sexist remarks about Speaker Nancy Pelosi (R-CA)/Screenshot

On Wednesday, the top Republican in the House of Representatives unleashed what many are calling a sexist attack on Nancy Pelosi for disinviting President Donald Trump from delivering a State of the Union address while the federal government is still shut down in a standoff over funding the border wall Trump promised voters Mexico would pay for.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) accused Pelosi of "playing politics like I’ve never seen a speaker before" and said her actions were "unbecoming."

CNN host Brooke Baldwin asked reporter Dana Bash what she thought of the development.

"Interesting," she said before a pregnant pause.

"Look, I genuinely don't know that he meant it this way but I don't think you would use the word 'unbecoming' about John Boehner if he were speaker," she said.

Baldwin nodded in agreement and pointed to the camera to signify support.

"Totally agree," Baldwin said.

Bash went on to explain the history of the State of the Union.

Watch below.