CNN's Ana Navarro slams Trump's naked ploy to distract from investigations with sham press conference
Republican strategist Ana Navarro (Photo: Screen capture)

On Thursday, following the swearing in of the 116th Congress, President Donald Trump held a surprise press conference. Surrounded by border patrol agents, Trump once again made his case for a wall along the Southwest border.

On CNN Thursday, panelists analyzed the significance of Trump's timing. Republican strategist Ana Navarro saw right though the President's rather transparent strategy—one in which the media is implicated.

"He wants to hijack the narrative," Navarro pointed out, noting that instead of talking about the myriad investigations bedeviling the Trump White House, the panelists were talking about the President's presser.

"Instead, for 30 minutes, we're talking about what Donald Trump wants us to talk about. Which is Donald Trump," Navarro said. "His favorite subject in the world."