CNN's Jake Tapper: Trump offer on immigration comes 'straight from the mind of Stephen Miller'
Stephen Miller [Photo: screen grab from CNN]

Over the weekend, President Donald Trump made an offer to Democrats on immigration reform. It's designed to end the federal government shutdown, which is increasingly polling poorly for Trump.

The "compromise" Trump has floated includes a three-year extension for DACA. In addition, it gives a three-year extension to 300,000 people from El Salvador, Haiti, Nicaragua and Honduras, reported the Huffington Post.

On CNN's The Lead Tuesday, host Jake Tapper laid out why the bill still takes a hardline approach to immigration despite apparent concessions.

"The president didn't offer permanent. He offered temporary. You find out they slipped in this thing that seems to have come from the mind of Stephen Miller," Tapper said.

The other panelists agreed. "It dramatically limits legal immigration to the United States," PBS anchor Alicia Menendez added. Menendez also pointed out, however, the Supreme Court's recent decision not to take a DACA case severely limits the president's power on the issue.