Criminal attorney says Roger Stone has a 'death wish': 'He was poking Mueller in the eye to come after him'
Roger Stone, pictured exiting a federal courthouse in Florida on January 25, 2019, is a renowned political dirty trickster who has consulted with Trump for four decades, (AFP Photo/JOE RAEDLE)

A criminal attorney and former federal prosecutor on Monday speculated that Roger Stone has a "death wish" because he seems to be "inviting" special counsel Robert Mueller to prosecute him.

"The amazing thing about this indictment is he didn't have to lie," attorney John Lauro told MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle. "All of the activity that took place in terms of talking or trying to reach [WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange] or finding out about the emails -- none of that is illegal, according to the indictment."

"The only thing that he did that was illegal was lie to Congress," Lauro continued. "And he had no reason to do that. He could have gone into Congress and said, 'I did all this stuff. I tried to reach out to Assange. I tried to find out what these emails were about. I even told the campaign about it. Nothing is improper or illegal.'"

According to Lauro, the "essential question" in Stone's indictment is why did he lie?

"Stone, in my judgement, has a death wish," the attorney later added. "He literally walked into this indictment. There was no reason at all -- almost inviting it. I mean, he was poking Mueller in the eye to come after him."

Lauro predicted that a future psychological profile may explain why Stone decided to lie to the special counsel.

Watch the video below from MSNBC.