DC restaurant at center of 'Pizzagate' conspiracy theory targeted by suspected arsonist
Washington, DC's Comet Ping Pong pizza parlor. Image via Creative Commons/Farragutful.

A Washington, D.C. pizza parlor at the center of the far-right "Pizzagate" conspiracy theory was targeted by a suspected arsonist earlier this week.

The Washington Post reported that Comet Ping Pong, a restaurant some conspiracy theorists believe was a front of a Democratic child sex ring, caught fire Wednesday night after it received several prank phone calls.

Law enforcement said there initially does not appear to be any link to the time in 2016 when a North Carolina man came to the restaurant with a fully-load AR-15 rifle demanding answers about the "Pizzagate" conspiracy theory.

James Alefantis, the owner of the restaurant, also said he doesn't believe the fire was related to the 2016 incident and that he reports all prank calls to police.