'Democrats have Trump by the balls': White House aides despondent after Pelosi tramples the president
Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi. (Kim Wilson / Shutterstock.com)

After President Donald Trump caved and abruptly ended his government shutdown on its thirty-fifth day, his political organization panicked over the political implications of his decision.

Trump did not get a single penny for his signature campaign wall.

Politico reported on a group text message between former White House aides worried about the fallout.

“President Nancy Pelosi, she runs the country now,” said a former official. “We went from indefinite shutdown, to down payment, to cave — all within a span of 24 hours.”

The aide added the base was "furious" and "melting down."

"It’s like watching a house completely engulfed in flames; there’s nothing you can do except watch,” a former campaign staffer told Politico.

“He allowed 35 days of chaos and hurt all for nothing," said the second former official. "I’m so glad people will start being paid, but this could have been done in December.”

The former campaign official believed Trump had already lost the next round.

“He’s going to cave again in [three] weeks,” they predicted. “Democrats have Trump by the balls.”