CNN's Don Lemon calls Wilbur Ross comment the most 'elitist' remark he has ever heard
CNN host Don Lemon/Screenshot

On Thursday, CNN host Don Lemon was left speechless by comments made Labor Secretary Wilbur Ross.

Ross suggested that federal workers missing pay because of the government shut down should just get a "loan" to help them. He also said that the 800,000 workers not getting paid were not a huge number overall.

"If they never got it, you are talking about a third of the percent on our GDP. So it is not like it is a gigantic number overall," Ross said.

"That is, I don't even know what to say after that. Did you hear that? Can we play it again, please? Can we just play that again? Okay. Play it," Lemon said stunned after watching the video.

"President Trump's commerce secretary who according to the financial disclosure forms is worth some $700 million," Lemon said. "So he says that he feels sorry for the 800,000 people who have not been paid, but it's not a gigantic number overall."

"There are reports that there are some federal workers going to homeless shelters to get food," Lemon said.

He then called Ross' comments "elitist."

"That is the most elite out of touch thing that I have ever heard in my life in all of my years ever on this earth," Lemon said. "That is the most insulting thing that I have ever heard, and the most elitist. I could not believe it. I had to go back to say I have to find this on the Internet. Is this true?"

"Take out a loan for the money that you've earned, the money that we owe you because we really have no idea when you are going to get paid even though a lot of you are still on the job. So, yeah, take out a loan. Pay interest. Just to get the money that we owe you," Lemon said.

"And the commerce secretary may know where you can get a loan because his department is the federal credit union is offering emergency loans at almost in 9 percent interest," he added.

Watch below via CNN.