On Saturday, President Donald Trump addressed the nation about what he calls "an ongoing tragedy" on the southern border.

In a live speech from the White House, Trump offered "a path forward" to Congress, in the form of a proposal he called "compassionate."

Trump asked for: $805 million in "humanitarian" resources, $800 million in drug detection equipment, enough money to hire 2,000 new border patrol agents, funding for 75 new judges to hear asylum cases and funding for several hundred miles of wall.

"Much of the border is already protected by natural borders such as mountains and water," Trump said.

He also offered three years of relief for what he described as 700,000 DACA recipients that gave them access to social security numbers and work permits.

"I want this to end, it's got to end right now," Trump said. "These are not talking points... Our immigration system should be a source of pride, not a source of shame."

Trump then said he wants to have "weekly bipartisan meetings" with Democrats to remake the American immigration system.