Donald Trump will be wracked with anxiety in 2019 -- here's why
Press conference of Donald Trump, President of United States of America, during NATO. (Shutterstock)

President Donald Trump is going to have a year filled with anxiety, according to David Gregory. The CNN political analyst said the new Democratic-controlled House of Representatives, the special counsel investigation, and the downturn in the economy would all cause Trump significant problems.

"When you go down a list, what's amazing is [with] a Democratic Congress this year, all the investigations of President Trump that are going to be public and in the open because Congress is doing it, however the Mueller investigation winds up," Gregory said during a panel discussion Tuesday.

"And then the big factor is also the economy, whether it is more muted in the United States, as it's been around the world, there is a downturn that is underway. People are feeling it in their long-term investments in the markets, which at the end of the year were in such a bad way. I think there will be so much anxiety within the White House that bubbles up with those three factors alone."

Nia-Malika Henderson, a senior political reporter for CNN, said she expected Trump would focus on his re-election. "The House Democrats looking into everybody about him and his family. He has to figure out a way to keep a grip on not only the grassroots folks but certainly Republican officials... So I think that is going to be his plan going into 2019."

"Yes, investigations, oversight, the economy," CNN's John Avlon added. "But a lot of Trump's powers politically have stemmed from being buoyed by a good economy. It's the one area where he's been above water consistently. Lowest approval rating of any president with the lowest unemployment in the two years. If that starts falling away, the laws of gravity will start to fly... Yes, he may not lose his base, but a lot of his ability to corral and cow his critics will be diminished."

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