Ex-CIA officer ridicules Trump for being so absent that he doesn't even know what his Intel chiefs think
President Donald Trump. (AFP/File/Jim WATSON)

On Wednesday, Ex-CIA officer Phil Mudd ridiculed President Donald Trump during a panel discussion with CNN host Jake Tapper. Recently, Trump called out top Intelligence chiefs for contradicting his views on foreign affairs.

The president took to Twitter, and told the top officials to "go back to school."  Mudd said that Trump "ought to be embarrassed" for treating senior officials with little respect.

He explained that if Trump had a relationship with his Intel chiefs and read daily intelligence briefings, then he would not be surprised at their public assessment on global affairs.

"In a tweet, Trump suggested the Intel chiefs he nominated should go back to school. He is particularly upset over their assessment of Iran," Tapper said.

"You used to work for the CIA and FBI. Does that bother people when the president goes at them like that?" Tapper asked Mudd.

"If the president is surprised by them talking about issues like this, then does he ever take an Intel briefing?" Mudd said. "The president ought to be embarrassed. I wish the president wouldn't tweet a lot of things as well."

Watch the full panel below via CNN.