Expect Mueller to hit Roger Stone with a ‘superseding indictment’: Former federal prosecutor
MSNBC legal analyst Maya Wiley (screengrab)

Former U.S. Attorney Maya Wiley connected the dots from recent news in special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation to conclude that longtime Donald Trump political advisor Roger Stone is facing additional federal indictments.

Wiley, the senior vice president for Social Justice at The New School, explained her theory on MSNBC's "All In" with Chris Hayes on Thursday.

"Three days after a stammering Attorney General indicated the special counsel's investigation was wrapping up, Robert Mueller's own court filings seem to be saying not so fast," Hayes noted.

The host detailed "three data points" on the state of the investigation.

"We know they're fighting about the subpoena with the secret company owned by the secret nation," Hayes noted. "They've told Andrew Miller, who is a Stone associate, you're not off the hook because we still need your testimony and the filing today."

"What does it add up to you?" Hayes asked.

"That this isn't wrapping fast," Wiley replied.

"If you're the prosecutor only looking at perjury, witness tampering, obstruction, you don't have to make reference to contact with the Trump Organization -- with the Trump campaign," she explained. "So they're signaling something there, because it's not necessary for those indictments. It doesn't mean they're saying they're going to charge something but it's a signal."

"Remember, we have Rick Gates, whose sentencing was postponed because they were not done with him," she noted.

"That's another data point in the delay category," Hayes chimed-in.

"And remember that Roger Stone is connected, at least in relationship to [Paul] Manafort and Rick Gates -- particularly Manafort -- because of their forming a lobbying firm together," Wiley added.

"What this does tell me, is I would expect we may see superseding indictments when it comes to Roger Stone," she predicted.