Expect Roger Stone to 'fold like a cheap lawn chair' under Mueller indictment: Former federal prosecutor
Composite image, Roger Stone (screenshot) and special counsel Robert Mueller (U.S. Embassy Tallinn)

On Friday, President Donald Trump's longtime political adviser, Roger Stone, was indicted on seven counts related to his dealings with stolen emails taken from the Hillary Clinton campaign team by Russian hackers.

Stone remained defiant after being freed on bail, pledging to plead "not guilty" and fight the charges.

Former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner appeared on MSNBC with Chris Matthews on Friday night, and said that he expects Stone's attitude will soon change.

Kirschner said that Mueller's methodology has been to charge people with crimes that can be very easily proved to get them to cooperate and provide information on the crimes that are harder to prove.

Stone is charged with threatening another witness in the case, which Kirschner said is "ridiculous."

"I think Stone will probably fold like a cheap lawn chair," Kirschner said. "Come on board, and join team Mueller. Because if he doesn't—when I read what's in this 24-page indictment, every word in there you know Bob Mueller can back up with three pieces of evidence, and convicting Stone on this will be a cakewalk."

Watch the segment below.