FAIL: Video shows 80 migrants easily crawling under Trump-style border wall in Arizona

A border wall in a remote section of the Mexican border failed last Monday after a group of 84 migrants crawled under it, a video posted by NBC News shows.

Video shot by a night camera set up by the border patrol showed families from Central America crawling under the border wall near Quitobaquito Springs, an area of Arizona’s Organ Pipe Cactus National Park.

According to border control agent Fernando Grijalva, the group simply got out of a tour bus and walked into the U.S.

“[An agent] saw a bus stop on the Mexican side of the border,” Grijalva said. “The bus driver got out, opened the doors and then proceeded to have approximately 80 people exit the bus and cross into the United States.”

It does not appear that the border patrol agent, who is working without pay because of the shutdown, was able to detain any of the migrants.

President Donald Trump has repeatedly said that walls are effective at stopping undocumented migrants, a position that has been echoed by columnists such as the Hill's Ford O'Connell who cited the wall in this section of the Arizona border as an example of why walls work and should be funded with billions of dollars.

You can see the video here.