Federal prosecutors are 'a threat to Trump's freedom and presidency' as he 'actively obstructs justice': Ex-DOJ spox
President Donald Trump -- seen here in Buenos Aires during the G20 summit. (AFP/File / SAUL LOEB)

A former Justice Department spokesperson explained Monday why federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York are a "threat" to Donald Trump as they close in on him and his family.

After MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace read a weekend tweet from the president accusing his opponents of campaign finance violations, former DOJ spokesperson Matt Miller explained a potential cause for such attacks.

"I think the president's behavior both in public and private have shown for several months he knows the SDNY investigation is a threat to his presidency and maybe even a threat to his personal freedom when he leaves office," Miller said, adding that "this isn't the first time he tweeted something to downplay the except of those crimes."

As special counsel Robert Mueller investigates the president's potential ties to Russia, the SDNY is probing the Trump Organization's finances -- a move some, like the ex-DOJ spokesperson, believe will be fruitful.

Miller pointed out that over the holidays, Trump reportedly complained to acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker about the Southern District's probe and "asked why more wasn't being done to control the prosecutors."

"I think that's a pretty obvious active obstruction of justice," the former spokesperson said. "I think before their investigation is done, we're going to hear more about that intervention at the Justice Department."

"For him to reach over and intervene at DOJ two years into his presidency when he ought to know that is a hot stove -- that kind of intervention is what got Bob Mueller appointed in the first place," Miller added.

"For him to do it again tells me that he is very, very worried about that SDNY investigation, and he ought to be," he added. "When prosecutors stand up in court, I would be very, very concerned.

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