The wall 'is a trap for the president -- and he doesn't know how to get out of it': Trump biographer
Trump biographer Michael D'Antonio (Photo: Screen capture)

Author, journalist and Donald Trump biographer Michael D'Antonio explained that the reason the president might be fighting so hard for his wall is that he's quite simply stuck.

Because Trump spent a year chanting "build that wall," he's lodged himself between a rock and a hard place. Perhaps, he's stuck between a rock and a wall.

"You know, he talks about the wall, which was his signature promise, right, Michael?" CNN host Don Lemon asked. "But he could tell his supporters because they want to believe him. They're not going to not support him regardless, right? He can tell his supporters, 'Listen, whatever he wants to say. I'm not going to come up with any scenario.' But the economy is the saving grace of this president, and he has to choose one over the other. I think he is being a little bit naive because maybe, you know, with this shutdown, because that will be the thing that actually harms him more than the wall."

D'Antonio noted that the worst part of the shutdown is that it's hitting Trump's own voters more than anything.

"Well, the shutdown is a terrible thing, and it's actually really hitting farm country in a big way. They're not able to plan for the spring plantings. There's all kinds of concern about exports. It's really disastrous," D'Antonio said. "But, you know, I'm not sure that the president prefers dealing with the economy. He likes this concept of a wall."

Lemon wondered if Trump enjoys the fight more than the issues themselves and D'Antonio agreed, but it has backed himself into a corner.

"He likes the fight, but he's boxed himself in," the biographer said. "This four-letter word, W-A-L-L, is a trap for him, and he doesn't know how to get out of it because he's promised it over and over again. Who's going to pay for it?"

"Mexico," Lemon chanted.

"You know, it's ridiculous!" D'Antonio continued. "So, every time this comes up, this video is going to be played, and he looks like a fool."

Commentator Joan Walsh predicted that for those exact reasons, Trump will ultimately pick the wall over the economy.

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