Fox News legal analyst loses it over latest Russia bombshells -- and calls for 'rogue' FBI to be disbanded
Fox News anchor Gregg Jarrett (Screen capture)

Longtime Fox News legal analyst Greg Jarrett is calling for the Federal Bureau of Investigation to be disbanded after reports the FBI has been investigating President Donald Trump to determine if he is a Russian asset.

"This is an all-powerful, out of control agency. Rogue agency," Jarrett told Sean Hannity Monday night, as Media Matters reports. "And frankly, it's time that it be halted in its tracks and reorganized and replaced with a new organization that has legal restraints imposed upon it and accountable to somebody."

The FBI has legal restraints imposed upon it and is accountable to the DOJ and the Attorney General, Inspectors General, and Congress.

"When the boss of the FBI Rod Rosenstein is in bed with his subordinates, inventing a counter-intelligence case against the President with no probable cause, no reasonable suspicion, no credible evidence. It is time that the FBI be halted," Jarrett charged.

Just this past weekend The New York Times revealed in great detail that the FBI had opened a counterintelligence investigation into President Trump to determine if he is working for Russia. There is tremendous evidence to support this course of action.