Fox News' Shep Smith schools his colleague for framing shutdown as a problem caused by 'both sides'
Shep Smith (Screenshot)

On Friday, Fox News host Shep Smith said that President Donald Trump is to blame for the government shutdown. This is mainly because the president said that he would own the shutdown in an effort to get his border wall. The shutdown is headed into its fourth week and millions of Americans are being impacted.

While interviewing his colleague Chris Wallace, Smith called him out for blaming "both sides" for the shutdown. Smith argued that it "was all on" Trump.

"The president said I'm shutting down the government. I'll own the shutdown. I'll carry the mantle and he shut the government down. That's that," Smith said.

"I mean it takes two to tango," Wallace said.

"There's no tango here. The president said I'm 'shutting the government down,'" Smith responded.

Smith then explained that the Democrats won the majority in the House during the midterm election in part because they promised that Trump would not get his border wall.

He said, "The president in the midterms said 'you have to vote for Republicans because the Democrats aren't going to give us a wall.' The Democrats ran in the mid-terms in 2018 saying 'we're not giving him a wall.'"

"They won 40 seats plus in the House of Representatives and they're not giving him a wall.  [Trump] closed down the government. That's what happened. He can reopen it tomorrow just like he closed it down. It's all on him," Smith said.

Watch below via CNN.