Fox panel erupts after pundit says GOP is trying to make Covington kids into the new Kavanaugh
Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh during his testimony. (Screenshot)

On Wednesday, it remained unclear whether the high school students who appeared to confront a Native American protestor in a series of viral videos would go to the White House to meet with the president. On Fox News Wednesday, a panel discussion erupted when Fox News contributor Jessica Tarlov suggested that Republicans and Trump were exploiting the kids for political gain.

"Donald Trump and Republicans are trying to turn these kids into Brett Kavanaugh, so they can use them as a rallying cry ..." Tarlov said, before she was interrupted.

"This is guilt by association," declared another member of the panel. "It's the worst of us when we profile people and expect to treat them a certain way because of the way they look."

Tarlov admitted that people on the left are quick to rush to judgement when they see a Make America Great Again hat. But she added that Republicans are also exploiting the divisive moment. "What happened with Brett Kavanaugh ... women worrying about their husbands. Yes, they are."