Gun-wielding racist tries to run over black children after argument at discount store: police
Bradly Watkins (Photo via Memphis Police Department).

A gun-wielding white man in Memphis, Tennessee was arrested over the weekend after he yelled racial slurs at black children and tried to run them down with his car.

Fox 13 Memphis reports that Tennessee resident Bradly Watkins on Saturday got into an argument with a black family while they were shopping at the Family Dollar, and subsequently pursued them after they left the store.

Witnesses told police that they saw Watkins follow the family in his Ford Crown Victoria while they were walking home. While following the family, Watkins held a gun in one hand while allegedly yelling, "N*gger I'll kill you!" at them.

At some point, the family decided to split up in an effort to confuse Watkins, but Watkins kept following the children.

"A witness on the scene saw Watkins chase the victims at a high rate of speed, running them off the road," Fox 13 Memphis reports.

After being confronted by police, Watkins admitted he got into an argument with the victims at the store but omitted any details about chasing them in his car.

He was subsequently charged with two counts of aggravated assault and is expected to be arraigned in court Monday.