HBO's Bill Maher brutally mocks Trump-Putin bromance: 'Forget collusion I want to know if there's penetration'
HBO's Bill Maher delivers his opening Real Time monologue on January 18, 2019

Bill Maher returned to his HBO show, Real Time, on Friday after a two-month hiatus.

The host's opening monologue covered a lot of ground, starting with the revelation that the FBI opened an investigation into whether President Donald Trump acted as an agent of the Russian government.

"Spoiler alert: he is," Maher said.

Trump met with Vladimir Putin five times with nobody else around, and has been deferential to him on all occasions, Maher noted.

"Nobody can ever know what they're doing," Maher said. "Forget collusion, I want to know if there's penetration."

Maher also mocked Trump's standoff with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, in which she is "kicking his a**" and the fact that Trump stopped Pelosi from visiting troops overseas but allowed his wife to take Air Force One to vacation in Florida.

"It's their wedding anniversary this week," Maher said. "And Trump says he remembers the first time he ever laid eyes on Melania and clicked 'Add to cart.'"

Watch the monologue below.