The only way out of the shut down is for Trump to 'lose': CNN Democratic strategist
President Donald Trump. (Screenshot)

Veteran Democratic strategist Paul Begala said that one of the only ways out of the government shut down is for President Donald Trump to "just lose."

The shutdown has extended into its third week, as Trump continues to fight for funding and support from his border wall. Trump's allegedly said that he will continue to fight and put millions of Americans at risk until he "gets what he wants."

During CNN's Anderson Cooper's Wednesday night show, Begala said that Trump wanted a  'PR stunt' after he stormed out of a meeting with Democratic leaders.

"Do you think the president is going to invoke a national l emergency," Cooper asked.

"I'm worried that he will. There is no emergency. I think he wanted to have a PR stunt. The problem is there are 800,000 people going without pay -- then all of the ripple effects of that," Begala said.

He added, "This is a completely self-generated shutdown by this president and he's just going to have to lose. He has to lose then we can try to get back the regular order."