Here's why Mueller may be about to issue Friday indictments
Official FBI photo of Robert S. Mueller.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation is kept tightly under wraps. When Buzzfeed claimed to have obtained leaks pointing to evidence that they've uncovered evidence that Donald Trump instructed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress, Mueller's team swiftly called the report inaccurate.

But as Washington Post legal specialist Spencer Hsu observed, the timeline for the grand jury suggests Mueller might start handing down more indictments as early as Friday.

The Daily Kos noted that the jury has entered an unusual Thursday session, the first such session since July 12: the next day a dozen Russian nationals were indicted.

At this Thursday's sessions, Andrew Stettner, the stepson of professional conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi appeared, suggesting that the next series of indictments might target Americans. Corsi, who spread conspiracy theories for a living, is a close associate of Trump advisor Roger Stone.