'He's not f*cking sane!': Watch HBO's Bill Maher confront Trump-lover Ann Coulter
Conservative Ann Coulter appears with HBO's Bill Maher on his January 25, 2019 show/Screenshot

On Friday, HBO's Bill Maher welcomed conservative pundit Ann Coulter onto his show a few short hours after the end of the federal government shutdown many credit her with starting over President Donald Trump's proposed border wall.

In a tense interview, Coulter was booed by the audience when she tried to claim that Trump never said Mexico would pre-pay for the wall and Maher joked about bedding her after the show.

Maher asked Coulter about Trump's many lies, such as claiming that "almost all" Democrats now support the wall.

"He builds on his own lie from two seconds before," Maher said. "He is not f*cking sane. He is not a sane person... He convinces himself of his own reality. That is so dangerous!"

"I went into this fully clear-eyed," Coulter said. "Again, we liked that about him... We thought that he wouldn't care what the elites thought and he'd actually keep his promises on this."

Watch below.