Indictment shows Roger Stone 'wore out his welcome mat' with Mueller: Former federal prosecutor
Robert Mueller and Roger Stone, composite image.

Former federal prosecutor Carol Lam told MSNBC on Tuesday that while it's anyone's guess how special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation will end, one thing is certain: the indictment of Roger Stone shows that Mueller has grown tired of his antics.

"We don't know what we don't know about the special counsel's investigation," Lam said. But she added that Mueller can continue to investigate charges against Stone and others, which she said "doesn't really indicate that there's been any termination of any investigation." In fact, the investigation likely "continues full force."

"What the special counsel is doing is he is proceeding very deliberately and very strategically," Lam continued. "I think what this indictment against Roger Stone shows is that Roger Stone has simply worn out the welcome mat with respect to the special counsel." She added that Mueller's team had boxed in Stone.

"They decided he is going to go in the bucket of a defendant as opposed to a cooperating defendant or cooperating witness," Lam said. "They're saying 'this is your place on the chess board and we're moving on at this point. If you want to move your place on the chess board, it's up to you.'"

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