'This is jaw-dropping': CNN's Camerota stunned that Trump's own officials have no idea what he told Putin
CNN's Alisyn Camerota (Screen cap).

CNN's Alisyn Camerota on Monday reacted with shock to bombshell reports that dropped over the weekend about President Donald Trump's dealings with Russia.

Camerota was particularly stunned by a Washington Post report detailing the extreme measures Trump took to keep his 2018 Helsinki meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin a secret even from his own national security officials.

"Of all of the suspicious things that have piled up over the past two years, this reporting in the Washington Post is beyond head-scratching," she said. "This is really sort of a jaw-dropping moment. People in President Trump's own administration don't know what he discussed with Vladimir Putin!"

Camerota went on to cite reports claiming that multiple administration officials asked Trump's interpreter for details of the meeting, only to be told that the president had issued orders to not discuss the meeting with anyone. Additionally, the interpreter told officials that Trump had confiscated all notes taken during the meeting.

"It's unprecedented," she marveled. "He's discussing things with Vladimir Putin that he does not want other people in his administration, and certainly not the American people, to know anything about."

Contributor Joe Lockhart agreed with Camerota's assessment and said the only remaining question to answer is "whether the president acted as a foreign agent or is he just a rube?"

Watch the video below.