Kellyanne Conway scolds Fox reporter for calling Trump ‘vicious’ after president goes after Pelosi again
Kellyanne Conway speaks to Fox News (screen grab)

White House senior advisor Kellyanne Conway appeared on Fox News Wednesday to confirm President Donald Trump's decision to hold the State of the Union, despite House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's request that he delay the speech until the government shutdown is resolved.

Fox News reporter John Roberts started the segment by calling the fight between Pelosi and Trump vicious. Conway took issue with that, putting the blame solely on Pelosi.

"I just want to correct politely one thing John Roberts had said. The president is not being vicious toward speaker Pelosi. I was there in the Oval [Office] when he was writing this letter, when he was setting out as were others. He was not being vicious at all," she added. "He wants people to make the plans. I contend that there has been some opaqueness from the speaker, some uncertainty surrounding whether or not the State of the Union would take place on Tuesday as scheduled or in Congress, in the capital, as is tradition."

"The president intends to go to the chamber on Tuesday night to address a great nation and give them updates on the state of our union," Conway said.

"I think it would be remarkably petty of the Speaker to disinvite the president of the United States to address the nation that they both serve at the highest level."