Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin blames Obama after he’s torn to shreds for mocking kids as too ‘soft’ for polar vortex
Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin (Screen cap).

Multiple schools across the country are closed on Thursday due to the frigid cold that has reportedly claimed the lives of eight people so far.

However, Kentucky's Tea Party Gov. Matt Bevin believes that children in his state should tough it out, even though meteorologists have warned that being exposed to the arctic cold for just 30 minutes could result in getting frostbite.

After receiving bipartisan criticism over this, Bevin hit back on Twitter by posting a video from 2009 of former President Barack Obama jokingly chiding Washington, D.C. for grinding to a halt over light snow in the area, although the temperatures at the time were significantly warmer than the polar vortex that is now gripping much of the United States.

"Remember all the outrage from... that highly esteemed titan of journalism, Al Roker, when Barack Obama said this about snow and school cancelations (sic)?" he asked.

Many of Bevin's Twitter followers were not impressed with his attempt to deflect blame for his own blunders, however -- check out some of their reactions below.