The government shutdown is in its fifth week and negotiations have made little progress. According to the Washington Post, President Donald Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner has been working behind the scenes to encourage him to hold on and fight for his border wall because he thinks that Democrats will "crack" soon.

The Post reported that Trump took a jab at Kushner during a meeting about the shutdown and border wall.

“Apparently, Jared has become an expert on immigration in the last 48 hours,” Trump said according to The Post.

This is the longest government shutdown in history and thousands of Americans are struggling to meet their basic needs. "Convinced that Senate Democrats will eventually crack and that there are votes for a bipartisan agreement, Kushner has urged the president to dig in," the report said.

Even though Kushner has been able to influence Trump before with the criminal just reform bill, some Democrats still see him as a non-factor.

“He is totally a nonentity,” a senior Democratic aide told The Post. The report also claims that Trump's recent proposals to reopen the government had "Kushner’s imprints" all over it.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) said that Kushner "doesn't have experience" to help reopen the government. “To the extent he can build upon that, perhaps he can be helpful,” Jeffries said. “But he’s going to have to move off the notion that Democrats are going to pay a $5.7 billion ransom note.”

"Trump’s patience with Kushner’s involvement could become strained if Democrats continue to wave off Trump’s offer and hold firm," an official said to The Post.

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