'Lies, lies and more damn lies': Ex-RNC chairman torpedoes Trump primetime speech just hours before it airs
Michael Steele appears on MSNBC (screen grab)

Former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele on Tuesday asserted that President Donald Trump's primetime immigration speech will be filled with "lies, lies and more damn lies."

"Lies, lies and more damn lies is what we're going to hear," Steele told MSNBC host Craig Melvin just hours before the speech was set to air on Tuesday.

"What I'd like to hear is the president give an honest assessment of our current situation, which is we're not in a crisis," he added.

Steele argued that the immigration and border situation does not merit a national primetime speech. He also accused Vice President Mike Pence of "trying to cover up a lie" told by President Donald Trump, who falsely claimed that one or more former presidents have told him that they support a border wall.

"The vice president knows that the president didn't speak to any of his former -- any former president who said, 'Oh, yeah we want you to build a wall,' the former RNC chairman said. "That didn't happen. So this idea of perpetuating lies makes this argument that the president is going to make tonight that much more difficult for the American people to take in and get on his side."

"Because there's no caravan emergency," he pointed out. "There's no emergency now. And so that's the truth of the situation. And the president, unfortunately, will not tell us that tonight."

Watch the video below from MSNBC.