Washington D.C. lobbyists are already plotting how to make big piles of cash if President Donald Trump delivers on his threat to build his border wall by declaring a "national emergency."

One lobbyist described as "close to the White House" has told The Daily Beast that they've been scoping out the ramifications of Trump using "national emergency" declarations to bypass Congress and fund his own projects.

"I get to be creative," the lobbyist mused. "Then I say let’s figure out what else we can get done under national emergencies... I want to see what the order looks like, but I tell my clients let’s look to see if this thing creates some opportunity for us."

Another lobbyist told the Daily Beast that they haven't yet considered the implications of Trump's emergency order for the lobbying community, but they were now intrigued by the possibilities.

"Sh*t, I hadn’t thought of that, but yeah, sure," the lobbyist said when asked if the national emergency declaration could make more money for their clients.